8 Classes Ideas to do in San Francisco this Weekend

Ever catch yourself excited for the weekend but then wonder what you’re going to do to fill the time? A lot of us live for the weekends but once it’s upon us, we find ourselves doing the same thing day in and day out. 

However, discovering local classes near you gives you a chance to connect with different people, and maybe even learn a new thing or two!

  1. Seize the Clay Pottery Class

    Getting messy isn’t just part of the fun for a kid, but adults can benefit from getting elbow deep in gunk from time to time too! Pottery classes are fun for people of all ages.

    Seize the Clay welcomes people from novice potters to those with years of experience. Get in the mud and channel your inner creative spirit by molding dirt (quite literally), into gorgeous and coveted pieces of art.

    When you’re finished, your pieces will be touched up by the master potter and will be ready to be picked up at a later date!

  2. Adult Hip Hop

    If getting down and boogieing to the latest and greatest beats is more up your alley, then consider this fun adult hip hop class to get your blood flowing and calories burning.
    We don’t get enough exercise as many of us lead sedentary lives, so this is a great way to make breaking a sweat FUN! Learn some expert moves at a beginner’s pace with a dance teacher who has over 15 years of experience. 
    Come on down and get sexy, get moving, and shimmy your way to a healthier lifestyle.

  3. Master the French Macaron

    Tickle your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth with this amazing weekend class. You better sign up quick because the spots fill up fast. If you are a fan of desserts, specifically the French Macaron, then you can now attempt to create it in your own kitchen!
    Learn the recipes, secrets and skills that go into these bite-sized delicacies. The best part of taking this weekend class is being able to take home your masterpiece (your own macarons) at the end of class!

    Some of the popular flavors you can look forward to tasting include: lavender, chocolate, rose, mocha, blueberry, red velvet and Earl Grey, etc.

  4. Language Classes

    No matter which country it is you are enamored with, or which culture intrigues and inspires you, learning a different language can further your self development. There are even some studies that claim having a bilingual brain can lead to cognitive benefits.

    Search for a language you like with options ranging from Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, and French. You have experienced tutors that will have a simple conversation with you or delve into deeper topics such as politics and history if that’s what you so desire.
    You might emerge not only with knowledge of a new language, but a different world view as well!

  5. Conflict Management Training

    While most of us just want to get as far away from work and anything related on the weekends, there are the commendable ones that never cease the self-improvement process. 
    Wanting to advance your career and learn how to better maneuver workplace conflicts are traits that are needed for that promotion you’ve had your eye one. There are conflict resolution training courses on weekends you can look forward to. 

    Learn how to implement all the strategies learned from this class in a working environment and hopefully create a more harmonious atmosphere.

  6. Guitar Lessons

    Ah, guitar lessons. Some of us pursue this magical string instrument because for some reason it turns the ladies into putty in your hands. For others, it’s simply a classic instrument that is able to transform the melody of any song into a sweet lullaby. 
    Whatever the image you have of guitar lessons is, you’ll learn the your favorite songs, the technique behind fingerpicking, how to play by ear and recognizing the notes and chords.

    Take time out of your day to familiarize yourself with an instrumental part of all the amazing tunes we hear today (pun intended).

  7. Introduction to Mixology

    We’ve all had a night out on town at some point in our lives, and if you haven’t, you probably will. Have you ever taken time to really savor the drink you order at the bar and one you order at a high class lounge? There are subtle taste differences in the liquor and mixers used to how it’s blended together.

    If this sounds interesting, then you might look into mixology classes. Take an interesting class with your friends and find out just how classic and modern cocktails are concocted and the history behind each one. We’d sure like to learn about the history behind the fuzzy navel!

  8. Intro to Light Saber Combat

    We know, you had to do a double-take when you read the title. We couldn’t resist! As May 4th 2020 approaches, you should brush up on your light saber skills. Hone your Jedi combat techniques and raise your cardio performance while you’re at it.

    Light saber combat classes are the ultimate evidence that learning and bettering yourself physically and/or mentally can be a whole lot of fun. Basically, this class consists of improvisational sparring as students learn how to duel with the glowing weapons of a Jedi Master. Learn everything from basic stances to defensive and offensive techniques.


We’ve included a little bit for everyone. Whether you want to expand your mind with language learning or conflict management or push your body to new limits with light saber combat and hip hop classes, there’s a little something for anyone and everyone. Figure out what it is you want to do this weekend. 

Maybe learning how much work goes into your favorite clay mug that holds your morning coffee or into that bite-sized glory that is a French macaron is what you’re feeling this weekend. Whatever it is, sign up for these classes quickly before you lose your chance!

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