Ideas to Take Your Team to a Class and Learn Something Together - in San Francisco

            Having that new promotion means more responsibilities in the workplace. One of the hardest things to manage is people, let alone a whole team. You’re worried you’re not up to the task, but team building and learning something new with your group could be a step in the right direction to creating a well-oiled machine. 
There is a wide range of activities from physical to mental projects that can boost morale and strengthen your bond.

1. Woodworking Workshop

Having your team work towards a larger goal such as your quarterly quota could be daunting. Especially if there are new members coming and going, it may be hard to grasp each individual’s weaknesses and strengths. With a woodworking workshop, you start with small projects and see how well everyone works together.

You get to make unique pieces in this interactive workshop and all the materials and tools needed are provided. All you need to bring is your team, and an open-minded attitude (a touch of creativity wouldn’t hurt either).

2. Applying Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) In Your Every Day Life

Anything can happen in the workplace - even the most outrageous confrontations. You may sometimes deal with people (even in the workplace or on your team) that may be on the spectrum. Special needs individuals handle situations differently that may be unfamiliar to you and I. A good way to understand how to deal with these issues and where they are coming from is by applying this life long skill of ABA.

The class teaches you how to handle yelling, violence, etc. Who knows, these skills could carry over to all sorts of relationships in your life.

3. The Actors Gym

Why not push your mind and body to new lengths? This type of acting class invokes creativity and also helps you work up a sweat. How does acting work up a sweat if you aren’t doing your own stunts? By blending Crossfit exercises of course! Are you intrigued yet? 

No matter how much experience you have onscreen or onstage, there is a spot for you in this workshop. So with all your team members with varying expertise, everyone will walk away with a little something.

4. Team Building Pottery Adventure

With team building already in the name, you know your team will come out the other end much stronger than before. Have everyone in your workforce come together to create an artistic masterpiece in this pottery class. Professional instructors are there to provide guidance to clay throwing (how awesome!) to hand-building processes. 

See what your team members can come up with in the allotted time with 4 pounds of clay. At the end of the session, anything your team members would like to take home or back to the office will be professionally treated (fired and glazed) and made ready for pickup at a later date!

5. Authentic Indian Cooking Class

We’re not sure where all your team members are from, but a good place to start learning about other cultures is through their cuisines. After all, who says you can please just men through their stomachs? From what we’ve seen, everyone loves good food!

You get to take part in creating 3 delectable dishes that consist of 2 vegetarian dishes and 1 meat dish or all veggie if that’s more applicable - it’s your choice. The best part is getting to taste your triumphant creation after class! Not only do you leave with full stomachs, but also the recipe card so you can recreate these dishes at home!


Learning something new is always fun (as long as it’s not math) and doing it with team members will lead to further success in the workplace. It will also foster relationships outside a working environment, and who knows, perhaps even many beautiful friendships will blossom after these fun and interactive classes!

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