Re-connecting in the COVID-19 Era: Remote Classes Might be Your Thing

Many of us have had our normal lives and daily routines disrupted by the ongoing pandemic. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has taken its toll and kept many of us indoors instead of doing the things we love. You may be feeling trapped, isolated, and stagnant. It is perfectly normal to feel this way during the crisis. While there is no one size fits all solution to solving this issue, it is important to try and find ways to ease into adapting to this new normal.
Working from home can be a blessing for some and a nightmare for others. Even for those fortunate enough to complete their jobs in their PJs, things like going to the gym seem like a relic of the past. This is how live online classes can revolutionize our routines for us. Live online classes have the capability of bridging the gap between us simply wanting to improve our lives, and capitalizing on some of the best approaches to do so. However, success in the live online class space depends on satisfying the huge demand for learning valuable content online and navigating the disorganized sea of marketplaces, studios, and instructors.
Sure it can be easy to just hop on YouTube to try and self-learn everything. However, this is a prime example of intentions never turning into real action. How many times have you watched old videos of how to get fit, learn new skills or even ace that interview, and yet you still have not acted on your intentions. Live online classes are an indispensable tool that can enable and guide you, rather than strictly inform you. There’s a reason why most institutions and studios utilize real instructors versus just letting you read or watch it all in the same recorded sessions. Live classes offer much more than knowledge. They offer an escape. They are an experience. They keep you accountable. They are a close reality to our old ways. They provide inclusivity and the real social connections that drive us as humans.
So how do you find the right class or activity for yourself, or where do you start? You still have to comb through thousands of fragmented sources to find activities that match your criteria. What’s free? What’s live and not prerecorded? What’s even available without purchasing a monthly subscription or yearly membership? What can you try without having to create an account or leave your credit card just to cancel after a free trial? What if you could have a default platform to go to when you want to find a live online class? is the search engine to find exactly this.
We’re establishing ourselves as the search engine for remote live online classes. Think about it, you use search engines for other similar tasks. How do you compare travel prices, or where do you go for the cheapest hotel rates? Classalog offers everything from fitness and cooking to wellbeing, dance & theater, and even professional skills classes. You can even compare what’s available, free, and in different categories.
Access a dance class or take a culture class today! Learn a new recipe to surprise your partner who’s more than displeased with your quarantine shenanigans! Or maybe you just want to meet some new friends with similar interests. Get out there, learn, have fun, and come along with Classalog to find or continue your passion!
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