The Benefits of Online Learning

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How many of you told yourself that you were going to get back into a workout routine or pick up a new hobby during quarantine? Now how many of you actually followed through with those plans? If you’re anything like me, you were anything but consistent. I wanted to become a master chef, practice my Spanish and workout five times a week. But, there was nothing and no one holding me accountable.

This is where the intersection of online learning and personalized instruction can help you stay on track with your fitness goals and pursue your hobbies.

What is remote learning?

Remote learning (or online learning) enables you to take classes without having to be in a physical learning environment. You can learn how to sew, paint, cook and exercise with your instructor through a live Zoom call. During lockdowns or while remote, these resources provide us with numerous benefits that allow us to connect with others while apart.

Why remote learning?

Convenience of online learning 

The most practical benefit of online learning is that it eliminates a commute by taking a class from the comfort of your own home. Classalog offers a variety of cooking classes, like a Sicilian Cooking Class, that allow our learners to learn how to be master chefs right in their own kitchen. Our instructors will provide all the information about the ingredients and kitchen tools required while our users ask the top Sicilian chefs questions about their traditional methods.

Reach Global Experts

With online learning you’re no longer restricted to the instructors and opportunities in your city, you can take classes from all over the world. You’re exposed to more diverse and unique learning opportunities that a traditional classroom can’t offer. For example, if you’re wanting to learn how to speak Korean, why not learn from an instructor from Korea?

Life-long learning

Learning opportunities are more prevalent than ever now that our world has gone virtual. Personal growth allows us to be more knowledgeable, creative and happier individuals. Gaining new skills and hobbies allows us to keep our minds active and be apart of a greater community.

Life-long learning is an essential component in setting up children for success as well. As mentioned by Forbes, parents now have so many tools available to designed a flexible, tailored set of education for their children in order to unleash their potential.

Why parents love remote learning for kids

Flexible schedule and lower costs

With endless resources online, remote learning allows you to find instructors that work at the best time for you and your child. If you need to keep your children occupied from 5-6 pm while you make dinner, you can bet there will be an online class available for them. All you need is a laptop, a quiet working space and a zoom link, and your children are set. Since all the learning is done from your own home, the costs are much lower and there are instructors available in a wide range of price points. As an added bonus your commute expenses are eliminated, think of all the time you spent waiting in traffic.


All this time spent at home due to lockdowns, online classes become a great source of entertainment for kids. There are instructors for arts and crafts sessions that will teach them creativity and enhanced motor skills. For children who love music, you can find group singing lessons that give them an opportunity to socialize with kids that share the same interests.


Being a part of a community through online learning for kids promotes social and emotional learning in an environment that is comfortable for them. This includes practicing self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills and social awareness. Even a virtual community can provide a supportive and positive foundation for your child’s life.

Why remote learning is great for adults

Mental health benefits of online learning

Live online learning brings us social connections that can lower rates of anxiety and depression. These relationships bring us comfort and even though we might have to be socially distant we can still maintain these connections virtually. Participating in activities that you love allows you to alleviate stress from busy days and these unprecedented times. Try yoga, pilates or a dance class and increase your endorphins.

Expanding expertise and reaching personal goals

There is no better time than now to try that hobby we’ve been dying to learn. The ease of online learning means that you can try something new in the comfort of your own living room. Try knitting or belly dancing or learning how to speak Japanese. Expanding your knowledge and personal development keeps you fulfilled. Setting goals has been shown to improve your focus, self-confidence and productivity. With online learning, we can reach our personal goals by participating in activities that motivate us to learn more and constantly improve ourselves.

Rekindling connections

Researchers from The Australian National University suggest that even one meaningful interaction, virtual or in-person, can have lasting mental health benefits. There are a plethora of platforms that allow you to play games and watch movies with your loved ones virtually. With the variety of online classes available, you can also find a unique and exciting date night idea every weekend. Try pairing a virtual painting class with wine, cheese and great music.

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