The Story behind Classalog

Classalog started in 2019 when we discovered a fun pottery class being offered in our little neighborhood. We just happened to be walking and just by chance saw the ad posted on a window of a small ceramic store. We had no idea the class existed, even though we frequently pass by that window! For the rest of the day after that little discovery, we couldn't help but think - how many other great classes are around us that we just simply never noticed or heard about?

After scouring the neighborhood, we found a treasure trove of interesting classes all within a few minutes walking to where we lived: languages classes, yoga classes, martial arts classes, music classes, and even a book binding class! Who knew all these resources were available to us only a short walk away? It was both surprising and exciting to discover all these new activities being offered, but we couldn't stop thinking about how many more classes we probably missed. Many of those classes weren't known beyond word-of-mouth and we started our quest to solve this.

As we were looking closer to this problem, we realized that while some classes were provided by large schools, the vast majority were offered by independent instructors and small businesses. It is amazing how we all have skills to share with others, and many are willing to make an earning out of it. We’ve met people who love to teach others how to kitesurf, build an attractive website, score a checkmate at chess, break it down in hip-hop, improve their yoga poses, and more. There is no limit in offerings from our surrounding community and Classalog aims to make it easy for everyone to share, discover, participate in those opportunities to connect and grow.

To realize this vision, we've made our platform free for all class listings so users can learn about every interesting class being offered near them. We also strive to support every person who wants to offer a class by providing the tools and the discoverability they to thrive and live from their passion.

At our core, there are 3 motivations that inspire us to continuously work on Classalog:
1. to help people with their education and improve towards their full potential.
2. to cultivate active and real-life relationships. It is especially important in an era where many people feels lonely despite being connected via screens.
3. to help people make a living out of their passion. It provides an alternative - one more choice - on how to make a living. If we can help some people quit their corporate job to do something they enjoy more, on their own terms, it is a win.

Our world has so much knowledge and skills just waiting to be shared and we hope others will join us to contribute in this direction.

What is Classalog?
We are at the intersection of the rising peer-to-peer exchanges and the growing demand for new experiences. Our mission is to empower every person on the planet to share their passion. We are a platform which enables anyone to list or explore all types of classes for free - from yoga to kitesurfing and from French to tambourine - and we are very excited to continuously improve and live our mission!
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