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Strengthen, Tone, Slim or Rehab with The Buddy Ball Band

By Buddy Ball Band

Buddy Ball Band Class Virtual
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$15 / person
BBB Monthly Membership Unlimited
3 sessions (12hrs)
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$19 / person
Free Pre-Recorded Trial Class
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BBB Monthly Pre-Recorded Classes
1 session (3hrs)
Group class
$9 / person
Private 1 on 1 with BBB Trainer
1 session (45mins)
Private class
$55 / person
Private BBB Pack (3 sessions)
3 sessions (3hrs)
Private class
$150 / person
Buy 5 pack. Use anytime.
multi session (5hrs)
Group class
$65 / person


Your instructor, Buddy Ball Band

Did you know that the Mini Exercise Balance Ball is a fantastic exercise tool to transform and strengthen key muscles in the abdomen, enhance core health, and improve endurance, flexibility, posture, and balance? It is also used in rehabilitation, strengthening, and toning exercise programs. Incorporating the ball in many exercises will add extra benefits to your workout. Our CEO is not a "fitness guru" with a perfect body or a personal trainer. She is a mom of 2 beautiful girls that attended her first Pilates class and struggled all the way through. She noticed many women were more focused on picking up their ball than following the class. She realized there was a need to "Get on the ball" and keep the ball in place to master movements. This is how the Buddy Ball Band was born. The "Buddy Ball Band" helps you maintain the ball in one desired position between your legs or ankles to activate your core, leg, and butt muscles without any disruption, like falling or rolling during exercise. Take it to the gym, studio, or use it with your own ball at home. Buddy Ball Band works also as a carrier for your mat and ball for easy transportation. Now with the Buddy Ball Band you can have "More Control with less fall". You can also enhance and FIRE UP your workout with our fitness system developed by professional trainers in the fitness industry. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS “The Buddy Ball Band is a creative prop combo that reduces the potential ball drop during an intensive Barre class! Keeps the ball right where you want it 👌.” "This product was my savior, the system helps to keep the exercise ball in place without struggling or carrying it to do exercises. Also includes an exercise guide video to start using it on routines. I just love the concept and is unique! Is easier and practical to do exercises without paying attention on where I carry the ball or if it slips. I also incorporate it to my exercise mat so I can carry the ball and the mat at the same time." "I love it. I really like Buddy Ball. It’s very easy to use and I have a good work out with this because it allows me to have more control with the ball. Instead focusing in the ball I can focus more in the exercise plus it adds more resistance to my exercise routines. That’s really good."


Join our BBB Strong Classes with Sandra Cano or Roxanna Benjamin. Band and ball required for class. Please buy at: >Use code Roxannabbb for 15% off. Mini Pilates or Barre balls require more intense work in your legs to hold the ball up and it can be frustrating. Our Buddy Ball Band elastic band around the ball, helps you to move more freely, expanding your range of motion. It helps you keep the form of your movement for more core engagement and activation. Buddy Ball Band allows you to change your movements easily, allowing you to target your core, thighs, and inner and outer glutes all in one. No need to try to keep the ball in place again and stopping in the middle of class when rolling or to position after each exercise because it is attached to your body! With each new move from our trainers, you can find great ways to make your workout more effective by adding the ball and band. Our signature moves also allow you to challenge yourself in a gentle, more controlled way. - Buddy Ball Band Class Virtual Band and ball needed for a class please go to - BBB Monthly Membership Unlimited This includes our monthly membership for 1 month. Live and Recorded sessions with Roxanna Benjamin our Fitness Director. To join a class you need a ball and band. Please go to - Free Pre-Recorded Trial Class Curious about our class? Book the class to receive an email for the access link. - BBB Monthly Pre-Recorded Classes This package gives you more flexibility so you can watch all of our sessions anytime anywhere. You also get a FREE live class weekly with our BBB teacher Sandra Cano. - Private 1 on 1 with BBB Trainer Get a VIP treatment in a private class with our BBB Trainer Roxanna. - Private BBB Pack (3 sessions) Get a pack of 3 private sessions with BBB Trainer Roxanna.




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