Empowering Women to Dance with an African & Caribbean Flare 1
Empowering Women to Dance with an African & Caribbean Flare 2
Empowering Women to Dance with an African & Caribbean Flare 3
Empowering Women to Dance with an African & Caribbean Flare 4
Empowering Women to Dance with an African & Caribbean Flare 5

Empowering Women to Dance with an African & Caribbean Flare

By Christina Mcintosh

Kizomba Lady styling 6 week course.
multi session (6hrs)
Group class
$51.93 / person

Your instructor, Christina Mcintosh

My name is Christina Mcintosh founder of Mckiztosh dance. I am a dancer, choreographer and dance instructor specialising in African and Caribbean dance. My classes are currently in kizomba dance which is an Angolan dance that originates from semba and has Caribbean zouk influences. The classes I run are for ladies and there is a strong sense of community within the class, women empowering women to improve and express themselves through dance. I first came across Kizomba through a local salsa night in 2016. They played a track of kizomba, and the dance looked so beautiful I had to learn it. I’m so glad I did! Before, I was very shy and found it difficult to talk to people and make friends. I was also very scared of doing the wrong moves. However, since dancing kizomba I have met so many new people. It has made me more outgoing and given me such happiness. Now, most of my good friends are ones that I have met through the dance, and I am so grateful. I have been able to embrace my body, how it moves and celebrate it, as no one else moves the way I do. I have been able to go to festivals and enjoy the dance abroad and in other cities in the UK. I have assisted teaching locally in my city, and I have taught internationally in Lisbon and Malaga. Since then, I completed my teachers training in November of 2019, and I have been able to share my passion through teaching my ladies styling kizomba classes in Birmingham and online through zoom.


I have set up Mckiztosh Dance for you to reach your dancing goals - This Mckiztosh dance class is the place for you if you would like to do any of the following: Put your own style and personality into your dance Improve your confidence and be able to express yourself fully through your dance Improve your technique and just have fun dancing. Choreographed routines incorporate not only kiomba, but other styles including afro, dancehall, sensual with plenty of sass thrown in. Want to start advancing your confidence, sense of body awareness and self, kizomba body movement and technique? Then join me in a class!!!! - Kizomba Lady styling 6 week course. Next semester starting Sunday 8th November 2020 Price: £40 with 10% discount if booked before 1st November 2020. Course is open level and consists of: -Kizomba fundamental steps and technique -Improving body movement, isolations and flow. -Mastering musicality -Mastering syncopated steps -Fun choreography Private online class 1 hour via zoom to be scheduled at mutually convenient time – Get in contact for pricing. Contact to Book: Email: Mckiztosh.dance@hotmail.com Facebook Mckiztosh Dance : https://www.facebook.com/Mckiztosh Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christinamcintosh_official/


A link will be provided


Every Sunday 4-5pm (GMT ) (UK) for 6 weeks via zoom starting on November 8