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Fermented Veg Masterclass | Family Gut Nutrition & Cookery Workshops

By Nena Foster

Fermented Veg Masterclass
1 session (3hrs)
Group class
$58 / person
Fermentation Power Hour
1 session (1hr)
Private class
$51.50 / person
Family Gut Nutrition and Cookery Workshops
1 session (12hrs)
Group class
$257.65 / person

Your instructor, Nena Foster

Hi! I’m Nena – a qualified Natural Chef (College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM)), cookery and fermentation teacher, recipe developer, food stylist and writer. While there may be many strings to my apron bow, every element of my work aims to bring joy and simplicity back into healthy eating. Before launching my own nutrition-focussed cookery business in 2017, I completed a PhD in public health and worked as a public sector consultant with a focus on healthcare. For nearly two decades my work focussed on chronic disease and the impact of poor health. It was through this work that I became passionate about how nutrition can improve and prevent ill health. My bespoke nutrition and cookery courses are designed to educate adults and children on why we need real, whole foods in our diet and how good gut health is the answer to many common health problems. As a mother of two, I also understand the importance of creating simple, wholesome recipes that the whole family will love and enjoy, so that you can make lasting lifestyle changes together.


Come cook with me live and online, from my kitchen to yours. Classes are packed with easy-to-follow nutritional information and practical cookery skills. Whether you’re stuck in due to the current situation or just fancy learning some new cookery skills from the comfort of your own home, online classes are a great way to connect, find inspiration in the kitchen. So come learn how to eat better, cook better and feel healthier. CLASSES INCLUDE: FERMENTED VEG MASTERCLASS (Group) All recipes are vegan and will include seasonal produce where possible. The class will cover: sauerkraut, kimchi, jam and brined pickles. A full shopping list will be provided 10 days in advance of your session, and additionally you will need: Equipment: Fine Himalayan Pink Salt, large mixing bowl x 2, chopping board, knife, rolling pin, saucepan, spoon, glass jars, preferably Kilner (2 X 1L, 1X 1.5L, 1X 500ml) FERMENTATION POWER HOUR In a one hour, 1-2-1 session, learn basic principles of making successful fermented food or drinks and make one ferment of your choice. Choose from the following: - Sauerkraut - Kimchi - Probiotic Jam & Pesto - Probiotic drink (no grains required) (i.e. kvass, tepache, rhubarb fizz or smreka) - Probiotic drink (grains required) (i.e. milk kefir (dairy or non-dairy), water kefir, kombucha and probiotic lemonade) - Brined ferments The session will include a recipe handout, plus 1 additional recipe. Family Gut Nutrition and Cookery Workshops Need some help with shaping up the family's diet? Join me for 6 X 2 hour nutrition and cookery sessions. Whether it's recipe inspiration you're after, want to learn more about what nutrients we need be our best, or learn how to get everyone on board with eating a range of more nutritious foods--this session will cover it. We'll also focus on gut health and why it's so crucial to health and well-being.


I will share a Zoom link to join the class once you have registered for the class.


See full schedule and book here: https://nenafosterfood.com/online-cookery-classes/adults-online-cookery-classes/ *Times on website are listed in UK time