Improv That Can Improve Your Leadership & Life with Entrepreneur, Former VC, & Improv Comedian, Mary Lemmer 1
Improv That Can Improve Your Leadership & Life with Entrepreneur, Former VC, & Improv Comedian, Mary Lemmer 2
Improv That Can Improve Your Leadership & Life with Entrepreneur, Former VC, & Improv Comedian, Mary Lemmer 3
Improv That Can Improve Your Leadership & Life with Entrepreneur, Former VC, & Improv Comedian, Mary Lemmer 4

Improv That Can Improve Your Leadership & Life with Entrepreneur, Former VC, & Improv Comedian, Mary Lemmer

By Improve

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Your instructor, Improve

We solve some of the greatest business challenges... ...using improv comedy and other research-backed techniques We work with companies that want to improve their people, teams, and business growth. We do this using an effective, unique, and fun methodology combining improv comedy, business frameworks, behavioral psychology, and other research-backed techniques. We are committed to providing a safe space for everyone to be heard. We are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. Improve was created by Mary Lemmer, an entrepreneur, recovering venture capitalist, and improv comedian. Mary created IMPROVE as a way to help leaders develop and grow critical leadership skills and to help companies innovate and solve business challenges, in a fun, engaging, and effective way. We have worked with some of the most impactful companies and created a more effective and fun method for solving complex business problems. About Mary Mary Lemmer has been helping companies start and grow for over 15 years. She has worked with tens of thousands of leaders and thousands of companies on strategy, growth, leadership development, and team communication. She gave the TED talk “How improv can improve your leadership and life”. She developed IMPROVE over the course of a decade as an entrepreneur, investor, and training as an improv comedian at The Second City in Chicago, The Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC, among other improv theatres. She created the IMPROVE methodology combining improv comedy and other research-backed techniques to improve business challenges, team effectiveness, and leadership skills and has worked with entrepreneurs and small startups to Fortune 500 companies and top universities, including Lyft, KPMG, TED, the University of Michigan, Fordham University, Square, Patreon, TechStars, CBSi, R/GA, Silicon Valley Bank, 500 Startups, among others. Mary is the author of Straight From the Investor's Mouth: 111 Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs, started her first company, Iorio Gelato, at age 14, did early-stage VC, and was an investor in and later a director at a Silicon Valley unicorn. Mary is a graduate of The University of Michigan. She is the creator and host of Startup Late Night, a late-night comedy show featuring business leader guests, and has performed improv and comedy all over the country, including at Gilda Radner’s Laughfest, The Punch Line in San Francisco, and the Lady Laughs Comedy Festival. TESTIMONIALS: "Mary has successfully translated improv theater to a business context … it’s fun, it’s funny, it’s compelling and everyone she teaches comes away as a better, more confident, more focused presenter." "Whilst being hilariously funny, it also forced us to operate outside our comfort zones, and get us to know each other's personalities far better. We operate a distributed team across four countries, so this was a great way to bring everyone closer, make us think on our feet and have a bit of fun!"


- WHAT WE DO We work with companies that want to improve their companies, teams, and leadership. For each company we work with, we design and facilitate custom virtual and in-person training, team coaching, and experiences designed specifically for leaders, teams, and companies that want to improve. If you want to stay the same, we're not the place for you. If you want to grow, get better, improve, come to us! - METHODOLOGY Our methodology was created by Mary, inspired by her work as an entrepreneur, venture capital investor, working with fast-growing and multi-billion dollar companies, and training at famous improv theaters including The Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade. Our process combines improv comedy, business frameworks such as customer discovery, nonviolent communication, behavioral psychology, other research-backed and performance techniques, and over a decade of experience. We use this to improve some of the most critical business challenges, including: Leadership Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Communication Team Effectiveness & Culture Sales & Fundraising Performance Feedback Growth Agile Product Development Reducing Harassment & Discrimination Here are examples of some of the ways we work with companies: Sales Meetings Sales Training Programs Leadership Training Programs Team Building Programming High-Performance Team Coaching Diversity Equity Inclusion and Reducing Harassment Training Series Ongoing Team Dynamic Improvements Accelerator Pitch Prep Conferences Hackathons We work with leaders and teams that want to improve, including entrepreneurs and accelerators, fast-growing startup teams, executive teams, management, corporate teams, nonprofits, and top universities. Our methodology has helped entrepreneurs improve their pitch, young managers improve their leadership skills, companies address communication challenges, companies mitigate potential lawsuits, companies improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, teams bring people together to build trust, leaders to create positive business culture, and more!


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