Team Pasta - A Creative Culinary Experience  1
Team Pasta - A Creative Culinary Experience  2
Team Pasta - A Creative Culinary Experience  3

Team Pasta - A Creative Culinary Experience

By Jane Pellicciotto

Team Pasta Class
1 session (2hrs)
Group class
$330 / person

+1 (503) 317 2019

Your instructor, Jane Pellicciotto

Jane Pellicciotto is a brand and communication designer, as well as a jewelry designer and metalsmith, in Portland, Ore., with a penchant for pasta. She believes in the freedom and sense of empowerment that comes from preparing your own food from scratch. And that people like to feel confident, creative and generous. What better way to express those qualities than with food. A former Slow Food Portland steering committee member, she's also written for the Portland Farmers Market blog and newsletter, and has cooked at the farmers market, in southern Italy and for loads of friends. She's crossing her fingers for a good tomato season.


Remember losing yourself in mud pies and Play-Doh? The tactile wonder of it all? Team Pasta makes cooking a joy. And few things bring more satisfaction than a sense of accomplishment and a full belly. From the humble ingredients of flour and water and the tools you were born with, you can create one of the most profound and gratifying meals: a steaming bowl of pasta. A take-home skill, you can share this gift with friends and family for many meals to come.


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