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Spanish Pronunciation | Accent Training | Word Choice | Confidence Building

By Spanish Speaking Hacks

Here For The Fiesta
4 sessions (4hrs)
Group class
$49 / person
WhatsApp Coaching
8 sessions (8hrs)
Private class
$99 / person
Exclusivo Package
12 sessions (12hrs)
Group class
$129 / person

Your instructor, Spanish Speaking Hacks

About Spanish Speaking Hacks: Ruben Adery isn’t your average polyglot. Holding academic degrees in both Spanish and Linguistics, what sets him apart is his ear to imitate dozens of regional accents and voices. Even though he speaks 5 languages and has spent nearly 2 years in Argentina, he's only now starting to share techniques more globally and accessibly after seeing success with individual students. With nearly 15 years of teaching, 5 as a dialect coach and 1 as a Fulbright scholar in South America, he has the ability to concretely explain how the process works so it makes sense from your unique perspective, with hundreds of students and teachers who have improved their pronunciation dramatically across 5 languages... and counting. Dustin Luke is a social media content creator who first visited Argentina in 2006, fell in love with the country and made it his home for more than 8 years, traveling extensively to other Latin American countries and even hosting a travel show in Spanish on primetime national Argentine TV. With over 68M views and 1.5M followers across social media, he’s one of the most watched Spanish-speaking non-natives on the planet. He brings that same love and passion to the live classes, making sure you don’t have to repeat the mistakes that he made on his way to perfecting his accent. Testimonials: "I also enjoy the humor and imitations both Dustin and Ruben add to our classes which is hilarious and very helpful to understand what we are doing wrong and how to do it right. I wish I found this class 20 years ago..." "Dustin and Ruben are two of the most charismatic and knowledgeable instructors I have ever met. Every class is packed with useful tips about how to achieve a more native pronunciation. You will feel validated in your own experiences, but also comfortable enough to grow in the language. I can't recommend their program highly enough!" "It is the only class that helped me in my entire 41 years of life."


Method: TEACHERS WHO’VE BEEN THROUGH IT We started from scratch and have probably made all the mistakes you have and then some. That not only gives us a ton of patience, but helps us understand exactly what you’re struggling with and exactly how we can help you improve. And we're only getting better. A PROVEN PATH TO SUCCESS Once we identify which speech patterns need work, we let you know how to change them. We make this super easy through a unique system called “Espanglés”, where we effectively use English phonetics to help you sound native in Spanish. FEEDBACK THAT WORKS While kids pick up accents easily, adults need clear and thoughtful feedback to improve their pronunciation. We’ll show you where your tongue goes, how to think about producing the sound, and everything else you need to master Spanish pronunciation. Packages We Offer: 1. HERE FOR THE FIESTA Join our weekly live sessions, private Facebook group, and get access to ALL the recordings of previous sessions including PDF practice guides and word lists (that’s over 9 months’ worth of content!) for only $49/month. Includes a weekly personalized feedback video. 2. WHATSAPP COACHING Get daily tips and challenges delivered straight to your phone. When you record yourself for the challenges, you’ll get feedback on your recording and the chance to ask questions. That’s $99/month and includes a detailed assessment of your pronunciation. 3. EXCLUSIVO PACKAGE Want to go really fast? Get both the Here for the Fiesta and the WhatsApp Coaching packages for $129/month. And make sure you’ve got your seatbelt on.


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Here For the Fiesta & Exclusivo Package: Live Spanish classes Tuesdays at 7:30 pm ET.