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Private Yoga Session for Digestion

By Alysa Johnsen

Private Yoga Session for Digestion
1 session (1hr)
Private class
$50 / person

Your instructor, Alysa Johnsen

My work is a direct result of my life. Years ago, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which results in painful stomachaches and bloating. Do you know the pain? It’s horrible. I had tried many different treatments, but none of them fulling got rid of the stomach pain. I had taken a few yoga class and every once in a while I would feel leaving lighter, less bloated, and I wouldn’t have a stomachache for a few days, it seemed random at first, why didn’t it happen after every yoga class? I soon learned about which poses were key to healing. I became obsessed with learning how yoga could reduce my IBD pain. I have read countless books on the subject, taken yoga teacher training. And developed sequences with leading instructors that help to reduce agitation. I realized that what worked for me would also help others get out of their pain and regain their lives. I’m so committed and passionate about helping you heal and to share with you everything I know about relieving IBD/IBS symptoms.


Do you have an Irritable Bowel Disease? IBS? Chronic bloating? Or an upset stomach? Come to yoga and find release. I’ll design a session informed by your current physical ability and for geared towards improving digestion. Full of twists, and poses to calm the nervous system, leave feeling refreshed and at ease.


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