An Experienced & Global Spanish Teacher: Start Speaking Spanish from the 1st Lesson! 1
An Experienced & Global Spanish Teacher: Start Speaking Spanish from the 1st Lesson! 2
An Experienced & Global Spanish Teacher: Start Speaking Spanish from the 1st Lesson! 3
An Experienced & Global Spanish Teacher: Start Speaking Spanish from the 1st Lesson! 4
An Experienced & Global Spanish Teacher: Start Speaking Spanish from the 1st Lesson! 5

An Experienced & Global Spanish Teacher: Start Speaking Spanish from the 1st Lesson!

By Argia Martinez Egurcegui

Pack of 8 lessons
1 session (50mins)
Private class
$30 / person
Spanish in pairs
1 session (50mins)
Group class
$40 / person
Spanish for specifical purposes
1 session (50mins)
Private class
$50 / person
Spanish with friends
1 session (1hr30mins)
Group class
$60 / person


Your instructor, Argia Martinez Egurcegui

Some students say: "I started studying Spanish with Argia and I wouldn't even consider studying with someone else! She is fun, easy to talk to (even when your whole vocabulary is made of just a few words) and most importantly her energy is very positive. Argia makes learning very easy and interesting! She is really 10/10", Marina. "I had classes with Argia about three months before going to Spain. I have to admit that it was one of the best decision I made! Through a communicative approach, fun and interesting topics I got to the point where I could actually speak Spanish. This helped me so much because a lot of people in Spain don't speak English, and in order to get around you have to speak Spanish. So, I cannot recommend you enough taking classes with Argia, you definitely won't regret it! 10/10", Amina. "Best professor, my first Spanish teacher 😃 Really enjoyed all the classes and interactions, build a great basis and gave me good fundamentals for upgrading my level of Spanish. I would highly recommend her for anyone wandering into the world of Spanish", Demir. "I have always had so much fun in her classes! She is a very interesting person and I enjoyed learning Spanish through conversations with her, discussing just about anything even when my Spanish was not good enough. I would highly recommend you consider someone like her as not only have I improved my Spanish a lot, but have made a friend for life!", Lamija. "Argia is such a creative and committed professor. I really enjoyed her dynamic classes and would highly recommend her to anybody who seeks a quick and effective Spanish learning experience", Melina. "The time I spent in class learning Spanish was one of the most enjoyable and exciting times in recent memory and a huge part od that is thanks to Argia. She taught with such encouragement and dedication to teach properly, showed a lot of patience when necessary and just made the whole process a lot easier and a lot more fun. I can't recommend her enough", Arif. "I love Argia. Shes amazing teacher. Her classes were so interesting, since shes very interesting person herself. I remember we had so much fun, we laughed a lot, we talked a lot even when we didnt know much words and so we learned a lot, and i believe that is the best way to learn one language.. I highly recommend classes with Argia cause after them u will be full of positive energy and for sure u will have a knowledge of this beautiful language", Irina. "Argia was my teacher in Sarajevo, and I am amazed with her abilities to explain everything very easily", Ena. "I had classes with Argia in the begging of my learning Spanish, it was so easy and interesting learning language with her. I recommend Argia like a good teacher!", Olena. "I loved all my classes of Spanish. You are very dedicated and your classes are a lot of fun", Samra. "Argia, very good person and teacher. Thank you for being my first teacher and big thanks for encouraging me!", Emina. "Argia es una gran profesora de español, ¡Gracias a ella conseguí el C2! Explica muy bien y las clases son muy amenas y divertidas", Anita.


I teach Spanish language to all levels from beginners to proficency. You will just need a calm space with good connection and something to take notes (even I can share with you the notes of the lesson at the end). I follow a comunicative and personalized metod, so you would learn to say what you really want to say, and you will be able to talk about what is interesting to you. Remember that grammar, like in your mother tongue, is applied to the topic, and not to the contrary. That's why I usually have a first free Zoom meeting to know your level, interests and goals to learn Spanish, and then I could adapt my lessons to you. PACK OF 8 LESSONS: The offer doesn't expire, so you can attend lessons anytime and keep these you couldn't use on that busy week at work/school. We agree on the time works better for you (I am quite flexible for that). The first meeting is for free, just to see each other and to let me know about your interests and goals on the language. SPANISH IN PAIRS: Do you want to learn Spanish with that friend crazy about this beautiful language? Now you can learn and have fun together talking to each other in a new language. Contact me now and let's have a Zoom free meeting to see each other and design the lessons according to your interests! SPANISH WITH FRIENDS: Do you want to learn Spanish with your friends? If you are a group from 3 to 6 people you can get a double session of activities to interact together... now in Spanish! If you feel like doing something new with friends and learn a language that allows you to communicate with more than 580 million people, let's have a first Skype session together and share with me your interests and goals about this beautiful language!


I teach both in Zoom and Skype.


I teach whenever the student wishes, but I recomend at least twice per week in order to improve and keep practicing.