Coding for Little Curious Minds (4-7 years) 1
Coding for Little Curious Minds (4-7 years) 2
Coding for Little Curious Minds (4-7 years) 3
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Coding for Little Curious Minds (4-7 years)

By Young Gates

multi session (5hrs)
Group class
$100 / person

+1 (650) 229 4307

Your instructor, Young Gates

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Young Gates. We are located in Bay Area, California. We are currently teaching Scratch, Python, Java, Data Science, Websites, App making, Arduino circuits, Gaming, Photoshop, Painting, Animation, Public Speaking, Life Skills and Fast Math. All programs are taught by professionals who are expert in their field, they can even show or share their experience and work with students for real time examples. With growing demand we have also started with online PreSchool, Academic tutoring and various World Languages. Thanks to the support and amazing feedback from parents and students. Looking forward To connect with you. Thanks, Young Gates


Coding is a part of the computer science curriculum that is currently lacking in schools. I believe that all kids can code and it allows them to become creators and inventors, which is what we need our children to do as they get older. Students will learn the very basics of what coding is. 1. Compare coding and giving a character a command. 2. Watch a video that explains how coding relates to us, coding, algorithms and debugging. 3. Work together to get the character, home by providing a code. 4. Work on to begin coding tasks together as a group. Coding is a great way to build social and emotional skills that include, perseverance, resilience and problem solving as well as creativity and innovation. Students will learn vocabulary words, algorithm, program and debugging. They will begin to understand how to give a specific set of directions, and when they directions don't work, they will be able to find the mistake and fix it. They will also learn why coding is important.


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Weekly Camps for 5 days