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A Very Passionate French Language Trainer/Teacher

By Shaunak Kashikar

Learning French Language Online
1 session (1hr)
Private class
$45 / person
Complimentary Introductory Lesson
1 session (40mins)
Private class


Your instructor, Shaunak Kashikar

I am a French Language Trainer/Teacher based in Dubai (UAE) since 2012. Teaching French language to students of all age groups and all nationalities is my passion. I am fluent in both French and English. I also speak Arabic. I have successfully completed my B-2 DELF (Advanced Level Diploma) in French language which is recognized by the French Ministry of Education in February, 2011. I have been teaching French to students of all age groups, all nationalities & all curriculum since the last 9 years. I also teach French to adults & to working professionals. I make my Online French Classes very interactive and fun for my students to learn French.


In my Online French language classes, I will teach students of all levels French (Beginner level students , Intermediate Level students and also Advanced Level students). I will give my Beginner and Intermediate Level students a very strong foundation in French Grammar through my classes. Since Grammar is the foundation of any language. I will also teach my students about French culture as when a person is learning a foreign language it is also very important to learn about the culture of the country in which that foreign language is spoken. Thereby, I will make my French Language Classes very interesting for my students. In the Intermediate and Advanced Levels, I will encourage my students to speak and present topics in French concerning the French society and culture.


I will share a Zoom link for students to join my class.


I can teach French online on Zoom to a student living in California from 1 pm (California Time) till 4 pm (California Time) on Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s & Saturday’s.