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American Sign Language for the Family and Community

By Larry

Private Lessons
1 session (1hr)
Private class
$35 / person
ASL Boot Camp
8 sessions (8hrs)
Group class
$90 / person
Baby Sign Language
1 session (1hr)
Group class
$10 / person
8-Week Beginner's Class
8 sessions (8hrs)
Group class
$90 / person


Your instructor, Larry

I have two undergraduate degrees from Ball State University: BS is Deaf Education and BS in Elementary Education and a MS in Education from Indiana Wesleyan University. From an early age I had a passion for ASL and I grew up signing. I took 4 semesters of formal ASL during my time at Ball State and lived at the Indiana School for the Deaf for a year as part of my education. I was a counselor, group leader, and activities director and Indiana Deaf Camp for over 25 years. For the last 25 years I have also been teaching ASL either in the community setting, school setting, college setting, p-12 setting, and/or workshops for teachers, medical professionals, bankers, and families. I have taught Deaf Education p-12, developmental preschool, first and second grade, high school and college ASL. When I taught second grade, I used ASL (voice off) to teach math and science to all hearing students who had no background in ASL… What a blast!


Classes are available for families who want/need to learn sign language and anyone who is interested in learning ASL. All classes can be customized to fit your specific needs and level of ASL knowledge. Contact us with any questions and to set up a session! Classes will be online once a week, 1 hour per session, at a specific time. If you have a child who is Deaf, you may take the class for free. ASL Beginner’s Class — $90 per person or family unit (guardian(s) and child(ren)) for 8 weeks (8 sessions) Topics covered include: alphabet, numbers, colors, animals, greetings, conversations, daily activities (school, home, work), and more. Baby Sign Language Class — $90 per person or family unit (guardian(s) and child(ren)) available for 1 week (1 session) or 8 weeks (8 sessions) Do you want to learn sign language so you can communicate earlier with your baby or toddler to alleviate frustration? Does your child have a developmental delay or disability that affects communication? Or do you want your child to have early exposure to ASL so they may become bi-lingual? This class will teach you some signs you need to best communicate with your child. You will also have input on signs you want taught. ASL Boot Camp — $90 per person or family unit (guardian(s) and child(ren)) for 8 days You will be immersed in ASL 8 days in a row (excluding Saturday and Sunday). We will begin with the very basics and progress onto more advanced conversational ASL. Custom classes are also available to fit your needs. We offer in person and online tutoring for students in high school/college or for anyone who wants to brush up on ASL. Tutoring sessions are generally one on one, but more people can be included with an added fee of $10 per additional person. Contact us with any questions and to set up a session!




Once a week for a group class. Anytime for an individual or family. Boot Camp- consecutive days