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Learn cooking for children with Bliss Belly Kitchen

By Chef Neelam

+1 (510) 936-1841

Your instructor, Chef Neelam

Meet Chef Neelam Hello there! I'm so glad you’re here. I know as a parent you’re stretched thin, but that you also care deeply about helping your kids be their happiest selves. A little about me… I have been studying Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, and vegetarian cooking for the past 20 years. As a chef, I catered for thousands, utilizing my signature approach, the Yoga of Cooking, which specializes in healthy, light, delicious, nutritious, and satisfying cuisine. In 2016, I realized that my passion was to teach children a mindful approach to cooking while simultaneously taking care of the planet, and Bliss Belly Kitchen was born! Since then thousands of children have graduated from Yogi Chef Academy, a 30 hour training in which children master basic knife skills, learn to make five farm to table family style meals, and receive a daily yoga, breathing and meditation practice. I’m so excited to have you in your community, and I am committed to supporting you and your family however I can to grow and nurture in love and community with the planet. Wishing you a happy mind and a healthy belly,


Cooking, Mindfulness, FUN!!! Learn to make simple, delicious, and nutritious meals. We use healthy locally sourced organic ingredients to teach children about the basic fundamentals of healthy cooking and eating. Whether it’s packing a lunch, making a snack, or helping to prepare a family meal, these students will be prepared to support busy family life challenges with new found knowledge and empowerment around cooking and good food! Our classes offer locally-sourced, organic ingredients and teach the fundamentals of a healthy Ayurvedic approach to cooking and eating. We incorporate yoga, breathing and meditation into all of our cooking classes.


Please visit my website for timing details or shoot me a message.


Please visit my website for timing details or shoot me a message.