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Contemporary Singing with Vocal Anatomy & Voice Science Expert | Group Singing Lessons & Weekly Live Practice Sessions

By Robert Lee

Weekly Vocal Workout (per month)
multi session (7hrs)
Group class
$40 / person
Free Drop-in Vocal Workout
1 session (45mins)
Group class

Your instructor, Robert Lee

My own singing journey started at the age of 5 when I joined the school choir. My involvement grew with age; I began teaching and conducting ensembles in high school and have done so ever since. In the spring of 2019, I left a tech career in Silicon Valley to become a full time singing teacher and a cappella director. I now run a voice studio in San Francisco, and produce regular events for the a cappella community there ( I am the music director of Techapella, a 501c3 supporting 20+ employee-run a cappella groups based in Silicon Valley companies. Finally, I sing in 4 different a cappella groups and choruses, directing 2 of them. I am trained in vocal anatomy, voice science, and contemporary pedagogy through the BAST singing school, and am continually educating myself on the latest in these areas. I believe that singing can be taught. By understanding the musculature and acoustics that create the voice and then applying musicality and interpretation to that base, we can begin to break open the black box that singing is perceived to be. I aim to eliminate the mystery surrounding singing while fostering the magic in each of our voices. TESTIMONIALS “Robert could not have given me a better experience with my first voice lesson ever! Extremely personable and highly encouraging, Robert helped me break down any reservations I had about my voice and by the end of the lesson, I saw immediate improvements!” “Robert has a seemingly encyclopedic understanding of vocal technique and makes it accessible through his highly engaged and engaging instruction. He has a knack for understanding where you’re trying to go musically and lucidly illustrates how to get there, bringing in relevant insights on everything from vocal anatomy and sound production to style and expression. I gained eye-opening perspectives on my own musical development and a renewed appreciation for the richness and depth of the art of singing.”


Monthly subscription for 2/week group voice lessons You’ve been using your voice since you were born, building habits along the way. In a voice lesson, a voice coach will use exercises to help you experience using your voice in a different, hopefully healthier, less strained, and more efficient way. However, this brief experience is not enough to override a lifetime of muscle memory. This is why consistent practice is key for growth. In this program, you’ll have access to group vocal workout sessions 2 times per week (Monday and Thursday evening in America, Tuesday and Friday morning in Asia). In each 45-minute session, I will lead you in 30 minutes of vocal exercises designed to target multiple aspects of your voice, from breath and support to resonance and agility. I will explain the purpose of these exercises as we go along, and I encourage you to ask questions along the way. In the remaining 15 minutes, you can stick with me for questions and discussion how the voice works, apply the concepts to your own repertoire, or socialize with fellow singers in a breakout room. For all singers, I hope to help you understand your voice a little better with each session so that you can apply it to it’s fullest potential. Even if you already working with a coach, I’m hoping that adding this program to your routine will help you stay on track. Finally, I hope to build a strong community of striving singers who can grow together.


I will share a Google Meet link and calendar invite once you’ve registered for the class


Vocal Workout Sessions: Monday and Thursday evening in America, Tuesday and Friday morning in Asia Group & 1:1 classes: Reach out for availability and pricing