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Group Dance Workout Classes | Learn a Fun & Sexy Chair Routine | Open to All Levels

By JBliss

Bliss Bawdy Chair Class (virtual)
1 session (1hr)
Group class
$10 / person
Bliss Bawdy for Breakfast (virtual)
1 session (30mins)
Group class
$5 / person

Your instructor, JBliss

My name is Jakala Collins, but you can call me JBliss, or J. I am a dancer, choreographer, fitness instructor, and bliss ambassador blooming from my hometown city, Chicago, Illinois. My mission is to create spaces for people to feel blissful through movement and confidence while pushing themselves to be what they can and want to be. My story truly begins in 2012 after graduating high school and realizing that my full-time dance career was coming to an end. After making my college dance team, and quitting within a couple months, I started to gain weight and THE STRUGGLE BEGAN… I did not know how to work out, I was not dancing nearly as much as I was used to, and I was not happy. I spent about five years in that space, taking sporadic dance classes and trying to stay active. I was (and still am) coaching and choreographing for a high school competitive dance team (I love my pom babies)so I was not COMPLETELY empty, but something had to give! I was offered my first dance fitness gig in 2017 after I volunteered to teach dance fitness at a birthday party! I had no idea what I was doing when I volunteered, but I knew how to dance and knew I wanted to make others dance. I had taken Zumba classes before so I had some idea of what the format looks like. I put my own spin and style to it, and the class turned out to be a hit! I was approached that night about my first gig, and I have been teaching ever since! I have been teaching consistently since then at multiple dance and fitness studios, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, divorce parties, YOU NAME IT! It is truly my passion. I love making people feel good and confident in their bodies, and I will continue to do so until I physically cannot! Anyway, that’s me. Wanna try out a class or a booking with me?


- Bliss Bawdy Chair Class (virtual) This is a 60-minute group dance class that breaks down a fun and sexy chair routine. This is an open-level class that focuses on confidence, performance and skill. All levels and all people are welcomed! Let’s dance! - Bliss Bawdy for Breakfast (virtual) This is a 30-minute early morning virtual WORKOUT class that will get your endorphins moving for the day! I will take you through a quick FULL BAWDY burn with a mixture of cardio and body strength training! C’mon bae, it’s only 30 minutes! Book here—


We will share a Zoom link to join the class once you have registered for the class.


- Bliss Bawdy Chair Class (virtual) When: Wednesdays at 6:00 pm (CST) - Bliss Bawdy for Breakfast (virtual) When: Wednesdays at 6:00 a.m. (CST)