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Fun & Free Live Dance Classes with Former Dancing with the Stars Performer

By Helio Faria

Live Dance Class
1 session (1hr)
Group class

Your instructor, Helio Faria

About Helio Faria: The native-born Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro originally received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical education. Hélio Faria grew up with dancing and his great talent and true passion for it made him in 2001 a dance instructor on a professional level. In Brasil he had performances in TV spots and “Dancing with the stars”, was a choreographer for local stars and as well a dancer and DJ for big company events. With his own produced remixes, creative choreos and his energetic dance style, he gets attention all over the world in the Zumba scene. Hélio already taught in countries like Russia, USA, Germany, Malaysia, Israel, Egypt, Rumenia, etc. Today he is living in Istanbul and travels every weekend to teach at events. The big passion for teaching, his incredible technique and musicality, he understands how to impart a choreo easily. Hélio excites and inspires people all over the world in his classes and videos with his dancing skills and as well with his cheerful, warm and funny manners. Today Hélio Faria living in Istanbul, Turkey and is specialized in Dance & Fitness classes like Zumba and his own created workout programs like (choreo class) and sambastepz (dance & fitness to Brazilian music remixes). Upon request, he also teaches Brazilian partner dances like Samba de Gafieira, Zouk and Forró.


Dance workouts - Choreographies - Beginners and Intermediate dancers Live classes EVERY DAY on my live channel - I teach the following dance classes: - Hip Hop - Reggaeton - Salsa - Bachata - Afrobeats - Dancestepz (workout) - Zumba (workout) FREE CLASS - DONATIONS BASED To make a donation, go here:


Live classes will take place on my YouTube Live channel—


Free live dance classes are held every day on YouTube Live. If you want more live classes, check here—