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Guitar Lessons for Everyone - Become the Guitarist You've Always Wanted Faster & Easier

By Jacob Burrows

30 Min. Virtual Guitar Lesson
8 sessions (4hrs)
Private class
$120 / person
60 Min. Virtual Guitar Lesson
4 sessions (4hrs)
Private class
$240 / person


Your instructor, Jacob Burrows

I have played the guitar for almost 20 years and have taught guitar lessons since 2013. Being taught by my dad when I was just 9 years old, the first song I learned was “Mary Had A Little Lamb”. When I was 12, I went to church and began to be mentored by a variety of older guitar players who helped me play the guitar on the worship team. Since then, I have led music for various churches, recorded an album, led summer camps for thousands of students, and taught guitar lessons to refugee kids in Atlanta, GA. Now I live in Post Falls, ID with my wife and three beautiful little girls, honored to be bringing my passion and expertise to students in Post Falls who want to play the guitar!


No matter what your skill level, you can expect to: 1. Reach your guitar playing goals fast – Start by getting a deeper understanding of your current skills and knowledge, and your specific musical goals. Then, a personalized lesson plan will be developed to teach you how to use and apply your skills to reach your goals. 2. Save your time and money – Training with a good teacher will ensure that you get exactly what you need. Learn in the perfect order with only your guitar playing goals in mind. 3. Be motivated and stay on track – You don’t need a person who just shares knowledge, but someone who understands your current ability. Knows how to bring out your true talent. A good trainer will understand your specific goals and challenges, and devise strategies to overcome obstacles and ensure your growth. 4. Have fun learning the guitar – There will be opportunities to play the guitar in real musical situations with others. Finally, you can expect to achieve success with me as your guitar teacher. I will teach you essential skills and how to use and apply those skills in real-world guitar playing so you can play in any situation. I love to work with all ages - from young kids to retired folks. I can work with you whether you're a complete beginner or a more advanced student!


Via FaceTime - I will coordinate with you once you have registered for the class.


30 min. & 60 min Online Guitar Lessons: To book, go to—