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Career Coaching with Gurvir - Talent Expert and York University Alumni

By Gurvir Bains

Your instructor, Gurvir Bains

BHRM, Honours in Human Resources Management Certified Human Resources Professional Over the years, I've worked with people to break through the career obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. My focus is to help people learn and develop better ways to handle the career issues that are standing in the way of their goals. I also have multiple years of experience working in recruitment and Human Resources overall. Specifically in companies such as Shopify, SOTI, Lightspeed and the Ontario Government. By craft I am an HR Professional, and have worked in various industries such as technology, financial services, real estate & asset management, retail and more. The why behind the inception of my coaching business - Ignite Talent - goes back to when I graduated from university, I remember being confused in my career journey in terms of what I wanted to specialize in, how my resume needed to look, the value and purpose of having a LinkedIn profile, the importance of strong networking skills and more. At the time, I leaned on a mentor that I had met in one of my first jobs in HR, and she is someone I still continue to reach out to for guidance and support along my career path. It was then I realized the importance of having a coach or mentor and decided that because this was something I found so valuable, I wanted to offer it to others.


I provide career coaching for new grads that don’t really know how to tackle the job market or narrow down what jobs to apply to or career path to go towards. For those that are already working professionals I help them transition into new roles, discuss how to negotiate things like a higher salary or even strengthen their presentation skills, etc. My services and programs are intended to be super interactive, depending on what area of career growth you are looking to develop and grow there are different options.


Sessions will be held on Zoom or Google Meet


Send a message through the contact form or via my Instagram (@ignitetalentto) to schedule time.