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Healing with Haiku: Meditative Walks, Wonder, Writing

By Beth Naia Vieira

Heal with Haiku - by donation
1 session (1hr30mins)
Group class

Your instructor, Beth Naia Vieira

Published poet in the areas of haiku; moderator online haiku/haibun/haiga. Published essayist on the psychology and spirituality of haiku. Board member of poetry association. Former professor of literature and thought. Trained in counseling and psychology. Experienced in forms of meditation and mindfulness (Zen, Tai Chi, Qigong, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Safe Place Visualization).


Simple yet sophisticated. Learn to expand your awareness, settle your attention— slow, still, silent— with a walk anywhere (nature, town, neighborhood). Notice what you notice, how you notice, wonder about what someone else might notice, play with shifting roles of who you are or think you are. Meditative walks and writing. Compose a three line piece of language sometimes called “haiku.” It can be any length and about anything. There are no mistakes; there are only mistakes; that’s what’s fun. Expand this practice into longer periods of attention and longer pieces of writing. Learn the forms after you have had fun. See if you can invent your own ways, your own voice, your own vision of how things matter and make sense. Making marks on a page; making meaning of the world around you; these are essential in times that defy ordinary ways. An opening in a tiny fragment of a language can begin a whole new way of living and loving. Heal with haiku. No materials necessary except for writing and drawing. Handouts and workshop materials provided online. Workshop examples together to learn from each other, connect though shared images and words.




Whenever students find a convenient group time. Small groups work well to get started (4-12). Prefer late mornings during weekdays. Afternoons for weekends. No evenings.