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1:1 Self Empowerment Deep Dive Sessions to Mentally, Emotionally & Energetically Unblock

By Linda Youssouf M.A.

60 Min 1:1 Self Empowerment Deep Dive Session
1 session (1hr)
Private class
$149 / person
90 Min 1:1 Self Empowerment Deep Dive Session
1 session (1hr30mins)
Private class
$222 / person

Your instructor, Linda Youssouf M.A.

Linda Waraega Youssouf M.A., is a Certified Transformation and Wellness Guide, a Spiritual Writer & Mentor as well as the founder of Sacred Spoke. Her work and unique practices support others in unblocking beliefs and subconscious patternings that create obstacles in one’s life. Combining her intuitive insights with her deep knowledge of behavioral science, psychology, spirituality and neuroscience, Linda’s approaches and tools help people understand their own limiting patterns and pinpoint how they can elevate their mental, emotional and energetic centers so that they can breakthrough and align to their true most empowered self. Linda's practices also incorporate poetic meditations that she writes and produces herself. They help cut through the habitual conditioned patterns that are responsible for holding people back, tapping into the holistic, intuitive, imaginistic capacities of the powerful mind, to deeply access the emotional landscape and provoke change from the inside out. Check out some testimonials..... "Working with Linda has allowed me to realize the self-created mental blocks that have been preventing me from being able to accomplish my goals. Her level of analytical, strategic, and emotional intelligence is incredible. I understand myself on a much deeper level than I ever thought possible. I finally know what is needed to be done in order to execute my ideas and more importantly I’ve become a better person" .— Redmond C. "Linda has been an essential instrument in the success of my personal and business life. Her patience and genuine concern for my well being is greater than most. I can honestly say her dedication to me as her client has been motivating and inspiring, and has helped me get clarity and focus."— Natasha C.M. To learn more visit You can follow her on Instagram @iamlindawy


During our 1:1, we will spend time delving into the situation you've brought up, using a blend of intuitive tuning, pattern assessing and psychology. Our work together will have us diving into the mental, emotional and energetic dynamics at play in your life, pinpointing what you need to do to move past these blocks and break free from the situation or circumstance you're currently in.


Zoom 1:1 Sessions


Current booking schedule available on website (see website link)