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Obstacle Course Race Strategy Session: How To Get Physically & Mentally Ready

By Nate Brugnara

Obstacle Course Racing Strategy Session
1 session (1hr)
Private class
Healthy Formula Assessment
1 session (30mins)
Private class

(415) 336-2597

Your instructor, Nate Brugnara

Nate Brugnara’s fitness journey started when he found himself waist-deep in a marsh, suffering from hypothermia in a hail storm at a ranch in Sacramento. He wasn’t lost, this was a thirteen-mile obstacle race he has signed up for as a tribute to his mom’s victory over breast cancer. Though always involved in sports, and very active throughout his entire life, this race challenged him in new ways he had never experienced before. Something in him was activated that day. He realized he needed to be pursuing something that gave his life some true meaning and that was important to him. His journey led him to over 220 miles of competitive racing the following year. He went on to later leave his research job to pursue a career in fitness and inspire others to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Nate became an Insanity & P90x group instructor and then went on to certify as a NASM personal trainer. Drawing from 5+ years as a fitness professional & over 10 years of competitive racing (8 of which is OCR), Nate takes a more functional, balanced approach to his training. Nate is a fifth-generation San Franciscan, Sacred Heart & CU Buffalo alumnus, writer, obstacle racer, half-ironman triathlete, fitness entrepreneur, and life enthusiast. A self-proclaimed personal development junkie, Nate believes you need to feel strong and have a mental edge that allows you to take on life challenges. Nate believes you must embrace the struggle of life in order to figure out who you are and unlock your potential.


[OBSTACLE COURSE RACING STRATEGY SESSION]: Your Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Game Plan tells you exactly where to start so you can save time, money, & energy focusing on the right parts of your training, as you prepare for an OCR. On your call we'll: - Lock down your OCR vision and how it fits into your larger wellness journey - Best practices for gearing up for a race to save you time, money, and help prevent injury - Call out and blast away your biggest roadblocks keeping you from your goals - Map out what you want out of OCR, so you know why you’re racing - I’ll reveal my step by step process for crafting your personalized OCR Game Plan Explore whether my brand new coaching program is the right fit for you to finally develop your OCR Tactical Tool Box so you can have the skills & confidence to handle anything that comes your way during a race or in life. You'll walk away with: 1. Clarity On What’s Holding You Back In Your Training 2. Being Able to Define What You Want Out of OCR 3. Confirm Your OCR Aligns With Your Wellness Goals --------------------------------------------------------------------- [HEALTHY FORMULA ASSESSMENT]: If you’re struggling to come up with a fitness routine, or just have no idea where to start, this assessment will help you create your personalized formula for success in your wellness journey. This call will help you: 1. Know What's Holding You Back In Your Health & Fitness Journey 2. Define What You Want Out Of Health & Fitness 3. Get Crystal Clear On The Next Steps To Create Your Personalized Formula For Success In Your Health & Fitness Journey


I will share a Zoom link to join the class once you have registered for the class.


Whenever the student wishes. [OCR Strategy Session] To book, go to— [Healthy Formula Assessment] To book, go to—