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Online Arts & Crafts Workshops | Jewelry | Knitting | Painting & Drawing

By Jenny Lemons

Polymer Clay Jewelry - Learn to Sculpt with Clay
1 session (2hrs)
Group class
$45 / person
Knit a Giant Blanket
1 session (2hrs)
Group class
$30 / person
Tapestry Weaving on a Loom
1 session (2hrs)
Group class
$60 / person
Watercolor for Beginners
1 session (2hrs)
Group class
$45 / person

(415) 658-7508

Your instructor, Jenny Lemons

Jenny Lemons is a colorful clothing company and DIY art school run by San Francisco based artist Jennie Lennick. Our shop is a working studio where we design our products, carry the work of other local artisans, offer DIY workshops, and sell a curated selection of art supplies. Since opening our doors in 2019, we have hosted thousands of people in our creative workshops and carry the work of over 150 independent artists. We are passionate about teaching others to slow down and create things by hand. We love helping our students make items to beautify their homes and give as gifts while learning traditional craft techniques. All of our teachers are formally trained artists, and bring this perspective into their teaching- we encourage students to experiment, express themselves, and have fun! About the Founder Jennie Lennick is the founder, creative director, and designer behind Jenny Lemons. As a formally trained artist, Jennie has been drawing for many years. She received her MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institue in 2012, and her BFA in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking from the University of Minnesota-Duluth in 2009. Jennie is passionate about experimenting with materials and making art accessible to everyone!


- Polymer Clay Jewelry - Learn to Sculpt with Clay Have you ever wanted to learn how to make jewelry from polymer clay? Are you someone who loves DIY craft or jewelry projects? Then this polymer clay workshop is a must! This workshop provides you with everything you need to design and create your own polymer clay chocolate chip cookie necklace. This class is made for beginners and advanced polymer clay crafters. Learn the art of making miniatures AND jewelry! Plus, this class is appropriate for crafters of all ages! In this workshop, you will learn how to work with polymer clay, an oven-bake art medium known for its versatility and pliability. Learn how to: - Create a realistic chocolate chip cookie - Professionally scent polymer clay for long-lasting results - Learn a polymer clay chocolate chip cookie recipe - Tips and tricks working with polymer clay Choose from two booking options: 1. Supply your own materials! For this workshop, you will need 2 packs of polymer clay (we will be making chocolate chip cookies, so colors in that arena), scented oil (optional), chalk pastels, pre-baked clay chocolate chips, foil, and jewelry findings. 2. Purchase a polymer kit from us that includes: - 2 packets of Sculpey polymer clay - 1 Scented oil vial with applicator - 2 chalk pastels - Pre-baked polymer clay chocolate chips - Foil - Your choice of jewelry findings - Link to digital ebook and video tutorial - Each kit has enough clay and scent supplies to make 10+ cookies! *Please note: This kit contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3. Children should be supervised by an adult when making their necklaces. Book here— - Knit a Giant Blanket Learn how to make a dreamy super thick and cozy knit blanket out of merino wool roving, plus tips and techniques for caring for these blankets. No knitting experience required! Knit and crochet designer Cara Corey will show you how to use a "table knitting" technique, forming the stitches with your hands rather than using knitting needles. In this class you will also learn: - How to source wool roving for a good price - How to graft ends together by needle felting - How to care for the wool, and use felting to prevent it from fuzzing too much - Where to buy giant knitting needles (if you decide you want them) and how to make your own giant needles out of PVC pipe Choose from two booking options: 1. Supply your own materials! For this class, you will need 4 pounds wool roving or similar giant yarn (approximately 80 yards), a Felting needle, and a foam block (optional) 2. Purchase a blanket kit from us that includes: - 4 pounds merino wool roving - Felting needle for joining wool - Printed instructions - The yarn provided in the kit is enough wool roving to make a blanket approximately 30x50 inches in size with a lot of stretch. Book here— - Tapestry Weaving on a Loom In this workshop, we will learn the basics of weaving including how to warp a loom, how to weave with a needle and shuttle, and how to use different kinds of yarn. Using an 8.5" X 11" pop out loom and simple weaving tools, you will apply these skills by making your first woven tapestry! Each finished tapestry will measure around 8" X 10.5".We will learn some fancy weaving techniques like Rya (aka tassels) and Soumak- a decorative braid embellishment.By the end of class, you will have a completed woven tapestry and the knowledge and skills to learn more! You will also receive a class handout that includes weaving instructions, resources, and locations to find loom and weaving supplies. Choose from two booking options: 1. Supply your own materials!For this workshop, you will need a simple frame loom, a selection of yarn, a weaving needle, and a weaving comb or fork. 2. Purchase a Learn to Weave kit from us that includes**: - A pop-out frame loom (8.5" X 11") - A weaving needle - A weaving comb - 10" wooden dowel - Five mini skeins of yarn that equal to 150 yards total (enough yarn to make roughly three woven wall hangings). choose colors at checkout Book here— - Watercolor for Beginners In this workshop, we will learn all the basics of painting with watercolor including different blending and layering techniques and how to compose an image. We will go over the ins and outs of choosing brushes and styles of watercolor paint (pan vs liquid watercolors), how to use watercolor pencils, and when to use waterproof pens while doing several exercises to get comfortable with the materials. Once everyone is ready, we will practice painting from a digital still life! By the end of class, everyone will create several watercolor paintings and have the confidence to create more! Choose from two booking options: 1. Supply your own materials! For this workshop, you will need a set of watercolors, watercolor paper (any size), some water, and a watercolor paintbrush. (optional: wax resist crayon, paint palette, and table salt) 2. Purchase a watercolor kit from us that includes: - 6 Watercolor Paint Tubes (5 ml) - 1 Taklon Brush (Round) - 1 Graphite Pencil - 1 Eraser - 1 Sharpener - 1 six-well Palette - 1 Watercolor Paint Artist Pad - 1 Zippered Carrying Case Book here—


Via Zoom. You will receive login directions before the workshop.


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