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Free High-Intensity Interval Training Session

By Flexzee

Saturday Instagram Live Class
1 session (1hr)
Group class


Your instructor, Flexzee

As a fitness instructor, I'm an experienced in athletic training, bodybuilding, HIIT workout, cardio training, strength training, boxing, abdominal workouts, calisthenic workouts, animal flow, yoga, Zumba dance fitness/Bokwa dance fitness/Afro Dance fitness, and also lab exercises for women. I have also done successful fitness events (6 pack in 6 weeks 1-6 editions and total tummy transformation) for people who want to lose abdominal fat, with people achieving their results during and after the program. With me, the goal isn’t to lose weight or build muscle but to get stronger because it’s only then you can achieve any fitness goal.


Do you want to find out if short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by shorter rests might condition the body better than a continuous moderate-intensity exercise? In this class, I will teach and show you how effective this training can be to reaching your fitness goals.


Join directly via Instagram Live here—


Every Saturdays 7:30 am Nigerian time/Fridays 11:30 pm PST Live on Instagram