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English and Spanish Certified Tutor with 5+ years of Experience in E-Learning

By Samara Irineo

Your instructor, Samara Irineo

English Senior Consultant iTutorGroup 5+ years. 2015-today. Spanish private tutor. 2018-today


¡HOLA! I'm so happy to know you're interested in learning Spanish with me. As a Bilingual speaker I'm your best option. I can show you the best of BOTH WORLDS and teach you all you need to know about the Spanish Language, its roots, grammar, idioms, history and culture. Are you an advanced learner? Why don't we build up on what you already know and focus on those details that will make you sound like a native speaker. Why think it over? Book your next class with me!


Live classes via Zoom, sessions are recorded so students can watch them over again after class anytime.


I typically recommend my students to take classes at least twice a week in order to improve their language skills effectively.