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The Best Korean Teacher Who is Registered with the Government

By Shinnie

Online Korean Lesson
1 session (1hr)
Private class
$24 / person
Package for 5 hours
multi session (5hrs)
Private class
$110 / person


Your instructor, Shinnie

Hello, I'm Shin from South Korea! My hobby is to perform rap and singing in Hongdae :) I'm a professional teacher who is officially registered with the government. I have taught more than 2,000 students and am a special teacher who guides Korean learners on how to study effectively. A teacher who simply teaches words and grammar is just 'a dictionary'. but I want to be your guide to the right path in learning Korean. While studying business administration/hospital business, I passed the Korean language professional teacher test which opens up only once a year. Because I learned all fields, I can talk more professionally than any Korean or Korean teacher. Let me be your guide. I worked as a Korean language teacher for 1 year and a half in Mongolia and taught Korean language to foreign students for 6 months at Hongik University in Seoul and Italki for more than 1 year. Currently, I teach Korean to many foreigners both online and in-person. Specifically, I taught students who are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Netflix interviewee, Korean company interviewee, Contractor, TOPIK. If you want to learn something, You must explain that to me for better classes. Ask me anything If you have any questions for 24hours. Thank you :)


I have been teaching every field like Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, TOPIK. writing, Interview, essay, professional things, etc. 1. The strength of my teaching and class are in the files I create for my students. These files contain our conversations, grammar, expressions, words, and explanations. I listen to all your pronunciations, vocabulary, structure of your sentences, and record all of that! 2. For Speaking, Listening, I made the most useful grammar list and If you learn those grammars, you already can do 80 percent of Free talking! 3. For writing, I will let you know how you must write in Korean professional perspective. Writing also has rules and specific grammars! 4. For TOPIK, You must reduce the time to solve the problems. I can teach you how to solve the problems in prime time! 내 수업 자료


Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, As you want :)


Depends on my schedule.