Signature 60-Minute HIIT Cardio & Sculpt Virtual Workout Classes

By Coach Alli, Founder & CEO: RUNWITHALLI, LLC Run Coaching

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Private Virtual Training 60-Minute Session

$70 pp for 1 session  (1hr)  · Group class

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In this class, Coach Alli uses full-body compound movements to strengthen all major muscle groups while simultaneously torching fat through metabolic conditioning circuits with bodyweight and weights! Coach Alli finishes each class with a 10-Minute Ab BURNOUT section, where she combines HIIT training with Ab exercises to shed body fat while getting toned, lean lines! Every class is 60 minutes long and takes place virtually via Zoom! All levels are always welcome to partake in class. All classes will be taught in English.


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About Coach Alli, Founder & CEO: RUNWITHALLI, LLC Run Coaching

UESCA Running Coach, NCSF CPT, NASM PES, Pre & Post Natal, TRX, KB1, KB2, ViPR, AED/CPR