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Singing Lessons with Your Personal #MusicalMojoMaven | Curtis Institute of Music & Metropolitan Opera Trained

By Joslin Romphf Dennis

Initial Fit Session
1 session (30mins)
Private class
$45.00 / person
I See You, Fam!
from 36 sessions, depending on when registration is processed] session (36hrs)
Private class
$from $270/month / person
I Hear You, Shower Singer!
from 36 sessions depending on when registration is processed session (36hrs)
Private class
$from $270/month / person
I Know You, Diva!
38, depending on when registration is processed session (38hrs)
Private class
$from $350/month / person
Drop In Lessons
1 session (1hr)
Private class
$115 / person

Your instructor, Joslin Romphf Dennis

I have been owned and operated my private voice studio, JRD Voice Studio, since 2007. In addition to my private studio, I have been on faculty at the Vancouver Academy of Music since 2015. I frequently adjudicate at music festivals and competitions around Canada, and I have students that range in age from 6-76, beginners to pros...I work on vocal technique and musicianship, as well as specifically preparing students for RCM Exams, and auditions for everything from performing arts high schools to university, college, and conservatory auditions. I also teach a college-level diction course, helping students learn the International Phonetic Alphabet so that they can sing in any language. My greatest joy is helping my students discover THEIR unique instrument. I have both my Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the Curtis Institute of Music and I was a Young Artist at the Lindemann Young Artist Development Program at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. I've got the skills to help you achieve your goals - and we'll have a LOT of fun learning! Head on over to for ALL the low down details on who I am and what my experiences are...


Hey there! Are you looking for singing lessons? Want to improve your voice? Learn to read music? Take an exam? Get into a college voice program? [complete details are available at!] I'm Joslin, and I work with singers just like you to help them: - Nail that audition - Navigate the technical applications - Build musicianship skills - Rediscover the voice that’s been hiding inside In my studio, I have a comprehensive curriculum to draw from for all students, from beginner to pro. I offer access to the Full Voice workbooks, RCM exams, festivals, and competitions, as well as extensive prep for professional auditions. My experiences at the Curtis Institute of Music and the Metropolitan Opera have helped me to develop a compassionate, empathetic, and emotionally available approach that enables all students to find their authentic, unique voice. I provide a safe space for experimentation, and a judgment-free zone to work at YOUR pace. My students range from 6-76, and their lessons are tailored to fit their specific needs. I do this thorough assessment and evaluation of current skills, so I know what direction to take. You are always consulted on how things are feeling, and where we’re going, because you are an integral part of this - my job is to teach you to drive your own car, not be your chauffeur. 1. Initial Fit Session All prospective students start off with an Initial Fit Session to get to know one another a bit, and see if we wish to proceed with lessons. Follow this link to book yours— 2. I See You, Fam! | This package is for you if: - Your child has discovered a love of opera and/or Musical Theatre, and they need guidance. - They seem to love performing, and someone has mentioned they seem to have “natural talent” - You want them to learn an instrument, and how to read music. - They want to pursue this after high school, and you don’t know where to start. This is a tuition program for kids and teens! Please visit for all the details about the sessions and materials included! 3. I Hear You, Shower Singer! | This package is for you if: - You used to sing when you were a kid, but someone told you your voice wasn’t good enough, so you stopped. - You never stopped thinking about how you love to sing. - You’re kind of scared to try, but MAN it would be amazing to sing in a choir/chorus/for your family/rock out as a karaoke queen! This is a tuition program for all my avocational adults! Please visit for all the details about the sessions and materials included! 4. I Know You, Diva! | This package is for you if: - You are an emerging professional who needs feedback and advice as you take that step into the career. - You want to audition for undergrad, Master’s programs, YAP’s and roles. - You want to talk to someone who knows what you’re dealing with, and has practical advice because they’ve been there. This is a tuition program for my college-bound teens/college students and aspiring pros! Please visit for all the details about the sessions and materials included! 5. Drop-In Lessons These drop-in lessons are designed for my more advanced students and are designed as stand-alone sessions with no continuation of service (also available in 45 min increments @ $90/session). If you are preparing a project, getting ready for auditions, or need a tune-up, this is the session for you! You can find more info on booking these at I can't wait to help you with your specific vocal needs! My unique life and professional experience means you get access to the best voice instruction, all personalized FOR YOU, to find YOUR unique voice! Just call me your #MusicalMojoMaven! And my students are my #MusicalMavericks! Mid-year registration will be prorated according to how many months are remaining in the year. The Studio is open September 8, 2020 - June 28th, 2021.


I will share Zoom links upon confirmed registration. [JRD Voice Studio is meeting online ONLY until fall 2021, or until/unless the pandemic is under control.] Alternative online platforms are possible and will be discussed at the first lesson of the student.


Lessons are once per week, and the studio is open between September 8th, 2020, and June 28th, 2021. Packages are based on time of registration and prices are prorated according to the registration date.