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Sip and Paint | Group & Couple Classes Available

By Claudine Cox

Paint 'n Motivate - Protecting My Peace
1 session (1hr)
Group class
$5 / person
Be Intentional Acrylic Painting
1 session (1hr)
Group class
$5 / person
Together We Can Art Class - for Couples
1 session (1hr)
Private class
$90 / person

Your instructor, Claudine Cox

Hello Beautiful and Welcome! Thanks for grabbing this labor of love to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of the inner you. My name is Claudine Cox and I am an author, an artist and a storyteller. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised as an only child by a non-biological caregiver. My role was to be seen and not heard, do well in school and stay out of trouble. I accepted life as it was: quiet, obedient, respectful, and subservient. At a very early age I lost the sound of my voice. I found comfort in my own thoughts, traveled the world through the books I read, and I imagined a world that was different through my coloring books. I migrated to the States in 1989 to live with my biological family. The question still remained, "Who Am I"?


- Paint 'n Motivate - Protecting My Peace Drop In with no commitment. Grab your art supplies and your own color palette and let's vibe. The history of the turban goes beyond a fashion statement or simply to block the sun rays while you are out and about. Drop in and take this Paint 'n Motivate art session and connect with this abstract beauty. - Be Intentional Acrylic Painting This 1-hour guided class is geared toward being focused and intentional in all your endeavors despite the background noises around you. Adversity is one of the greatest stepping stone you can embrace to either build, discover, or uncover character traits that are within. It will show you who you are or ought to become in the midst of chaos. It will force you to answer the question: Who Am I? - Together We Can Art Class - for Couples It takes TWO. This is a great conversation art piece that my husband and I teach together to help others identify and improve their strengths and ever changing role in their relationships. This is my favorite art class above all because I get to do it with my best friend.


I will share a Zoom link to join the class once you have registered for the class


- Paint 'n Motivate - Protecting My Peace See schedule & book here— - Be Intentional Acrylic Painting See schedule & book here— Together We Can Art Class - for Couples See schedule & book here—