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Step-by-Step Drawing Painting | Virtual Painting Studio | Meet Friends From All Over the World

By Mr. Angeles, Bronx NYC

Step-by-Step Painting | English & Spanish
2 sessions (2hrs)
Group class

Your instructor, Mr. Angeles, Bronx NYC

Mracoolaid is a virtual painting studio where you can meet friends from all over the world; it is super fun to see how we get loose and out of your comfort zone. It’s more like a night out with friends, you’re painting and socializing but more than that you’re being entertained and out of reality for a couple of hours. At the end of the night, people are blown away with what they’ve created, it’s empowering to see how excited they are especially because they have no experience, they just didn’t see a great painting coming. The goal is for everyone to have a good time and feel like they really accomplished something.


Bilingual English & Spanish, step-by-step drawing/painting.


Instagram Live—


Biweekly. Go to Instagram Live for basic drawing & painting lessons. Link—