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Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Buti Yoga, Pilates

By Vanessa Tearnan

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1 session (1hr)
Group class


Your instructor, Vanessa Tearnan

I am a certified meditation instructor and like to weave in mindfulness and anchor the practice in the mind/body connection. I also have background in therapy and Somatic Psychology and understand the connection between physical and mental wellness and I am passionate about holistic health. I enjoy connecting with people and inspiring them to live and feel their best mentally and physically!


Vanessa teaches Power Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, and Buti Yoga. She carefully crafts the sequence for her sessions to cater to what the client or class needs and wants. She provides specific verbal cues and physical adjustments to allow for proper alignment and to deepen the practice. She also enjoys providing guided meditation and anchoring the practice in breath and the present moment awareness. She can provide a more vigorous class with upbeat music and strength training, or keep it mellow and restorative depending on the client's and/or class' needs.


I teach via Instagram Live: @kaleidoscope_collect


*Tue - 5/12 - 6:30pm - Yoga sculpt *Thu - 5/14 - 5:30pm - Power Flow *Sat - 5/16 - 12pm - Shakti flow