French 1:1 class in coffee shop with a native speaker

By Deniz

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My classes

Private class in person

$30 pp for 1 session  (50mins)  · Private class

Private class online via Skype

$20 pp for 1 session  (50mins)  · Private class


Bonjour! I'm the co-founder of Classalog and I want to teach you French! I was born and raised in the French part of Switzerland. I believe everyone in the community can teach others some skills, so here I am, starting with helping you improve your French :) My goal is to help improve your discussion skills. At the start of the lesson, we will pick one or two topics to deep-dive and we will discuss it. Some topics ideas include: - Greetings and introductions - Learning key sentences: "I want ..." "I have ..." "I am ..." - Learning how to ask questions - Advanced vocabulary in one specific domain - Free flowing conversation (I'm passionate about traveling, so maybe we'll speak about that!) No material needed, but I encourage you to bring a notebook in case you want to write down some key vocabulary to remember. We will meet it in a coffee shop or a park based on your preference. I'm living in Potrero Hills and I can do in the Mission, in Potrero Hills or any neighborhood walking distance.


We can discuss what's the best time for both of us. My preference is during the morning and most day of the week should work.


We'll meet in a coffee shop, or in a park in the Mission neighborhood, or Potrero Hills, or any place within walking distance.

About Deniz

I am a native French speaker born and raised in the French part of Switzerland. While I don't have any degree specific to teaching French, I'm super social and ready to converse with you! The goal is to have you speak with a real native French speaker after all :) A bientôt!