Mandarin Conversation Partner on Topics of Modern China

By Joyce Zhang

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Hello, my name is Joyce! I am a bilingual English/Chinese speaker educated at Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford. I spend a significant amount of time between the US and China and believe that speaking about relevant topics and exchanging ideas is one of the best ways to practice language skills and to learn about a culture and people. If you can't think of a particular word, don't worry--Chinglish is ok! This is a judgment-free zone. One of the most important parts of getting fluent in a language is being willing to make mistakes and to practice even when you don't feel your Mandarin is perfect! A few topics that we could discuss: -The booming tech sector in China -US-China relations in the age of Trump and Xi -Artificial Intelligence and the race for technical development in China -The Chinese diaspora and the competition for global talent -Dating and relationships in China -Education in China You can see my profile for more details about me. I look forward to speaking with you!


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About Joyce Zhang

Bilingual speaker who spends significant time between the US and China. Studied government at Harvard and international development at Princeton.