Use Movement To Get Out Of Stress

By Sara James

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Alexander Lesson 4 pack special

$200 pp for 4 sessions  (4hrs)  · Private class


Hi I’m Sara I teach The Alexander Technique. Do you suffer from a million aches and pains and you don’t know exactly where they come from? Is your posture bad? Do you find yourself slouching and leaning on things? Do you feel tired after a workout instead of invigorated? Have you ever heard a baby cry and thought how does someone that small make that much noise? Are you concerned about the impact stress is having on your health? It’s worse than you think and easier to fix than you think at the same time. Alexander Technique is a way of learning how to re-orient your movement so it’s freeing rather that static. Organized rather than rigid. Curious rather than judging. It’s a teaching technique because you learn to teach yourself. This technique can be learned in person with hand on methodology but just as much can be done on zoom via self study.


1 - 3 times a week for the first 3 months


1201 Pine St. San Francisco

About Sara James

Certified in The Alexander Technique