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Teach what you are passionate about, tell why you are unique, and get paid for your offering.

Classalog helps people discover all types of remote classes.

It is free to create a profile.  List your experience, your photos and even your contact information so people can directly connect with you!

It is your page, your identity.  Share it with your students, collect payments and build your following.

“Classalog enables me to have more visibility online. I love it.“

- Laura, yoga instructor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On Classalog, we feature via our search engine both Classalog profiles as well as classes we find on the web. It is encouraged to create a Classalog profile so we can better help you finding students, but it is not mandatory. If you'd like us to feature your website in our search engine, reach out to us!

Yes. If you are interested in having a button on your profile to let students register and pay for your class, please reach out to us and we can help you enable this.

The word Classalog is the mix of the words Catalog and Classes. Our goal is to help people continue their self actualization anywhere they are by connecting with others who teach their passion.